Rendering Teddington Church

This small job was in Teddington, on the portico of a Methodist church which had been developed into two semi detached houses. 

The previous rendering by the developer had been executed poorly.  The plasterers had used internal plaster to dub out large holes and to erect the corner beads.  Over time the bonding (internal plaster) holds water and goes spongy.  The beads used were galvanised which in time rust.  The rust spots can be seen in the photos.  Where the render has blown can also be seen as the spongy plaster is below.

We cut neat lines along the top of the existing render using an angle grinder.  We then hacked off the render and bonding using kango drills.  We then erected plastic and stainless steel beads depending on usage.  Neither of these types of bead will rust.  We then rolled a coat of SBR (a polymer adhesive) over the brickwork.  Next we applied a scratch coat (the first coat to fill holes and give depth) of sand, cement, lime, fibreglass fibres and waterproofer.  We use the lime and fibres to help prevent cracking and allow a little movement.  Finally we applied the top render coat, floated up and sponged.   The edges of the beads can be seen as white strips in the final photos.

Teddington Plastering Company
Rendering Teddington